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Build a new Mobile Network Operator in the UK. Stour Marine is a new operator with the brand name Greenfone is a new UK mobile phone operator. Offering a UK wide mobile 3G service while providing our own small base stations. When our customers are not in our own coverage area they can roam onto one of the main 3G networks in the UK. We want to offer you a service that feels personal to you.

Enterprise Architect. The role included design from core network through to customer interaction via the web interface and call centre. Creating the Architectural model driving out the business requirements and establishing the projects required to deliver the business goals. Taking the lead to understand the big picture created by the business owners, clearly identifying the business goals, strategy and alignment with the value chains. Deliverables included business process models, Enterprise semantics and information model, data flow architecture for an Enterprise data warehouse, among many others.

Completed the design and build within required time scales. Facilitated customer facing web site to launch and take on customers. Was able to manage the design and build process through the company getting agreements and sign off at key stages of the build.