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British Telecommunications Reserach labs, Ipswich, UK. Technical Architect. BT Group plc, trading as BT, is a British multinational telecommunications services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the largest telecommunications services companies in the world and has operations in over 170 countries. Through its BT Global Services division it is a major supplier of telecoms services to corporate and government customers worldwide. Its BT Retail division one of the largest suppliers of telephony, broadband and subscription television services in the UK, with over 18 million customers

Worked on many BT front and back office systems.  Role was analysis of existing BT process; recommend the best possible method to bring the process into line with the BT corporate strategy; business case / positive business benefit - justify the cost of developing the software and implement the new system.  This would be from the first prototypes and proof of concept software through to a trial test of the software at selected sites and on to national role-out with 24-hour support of the new systems.  In the last 15 months I worked in a BT group called FastTrack.  Their mission is to complete this sort of task within three months. Role as Lead Developer / Technical Architect.

Example Projects:
·         Develop the dial-in access for BT engineers to access the BT back-end systems allowing the field engineer to test lines and do other activities without calling on his control.
·         Built a system in Visual Basic for BT Global Customer Services in docklands that will access the MCI backend systems in the United States with full functionality and management reporting.
·         Built a windows front end for users in Stafford answering the 150 & 151 phone numbers. Display the BT products with pictures from an Oracle 7 data store located in Sheffield.
·         Developed a system that allowed BT to export customers phone numbers to other telecom companies and import new customer numbers to the BT system.
·         Designed, developed and deployed software to allow the BT systems to handle Number Portability with other telecom companies.
·         Involved in most of the changes within the BT infrastructure during the 1990's.  Lead a team of up to 20 developers creating fast-track solutions for internal as well as external BT customers
·         Responsible for complete life cycle development.